Feb 22 2015


Where are TPV meetings (and FNF events) held?

TPV meets at Frolic’s Arcade, a privately owned pinball arcade in northwestern Toronto. Due to the fact that it’s a private location, the address is only given to TPV members. The location is easily accessible via TTC and two major highways.


When are TPV meetings?

Meetings are the third Thursday of every month, year-round. Meetings run from 7 PM to 10 PM. There’s free play until 8:30 PM, then we move into league play, then after league play ends it’s free play again until 10.


How much does it cost?

TPV meetings are $12.50 each. This includes three hours of as much pinball as you want (all machines are set to Free Play and don’t require tokens or money), as well as sodas, water, and snacks.

If you’re currently going through some tough financial times, please contact me; I’d prefer to reduce or waive the fee than have someone feel excluded from TPV. Being poor is hard enough without also being trapped at home all the time. (Been there, done that, I get it.)


What are the rules for smoking? Does Frolic’s Arcade have alcohol?

We don’t provide or sell alcohol ourselves, but it’s a BYOB situation so feel free to bring whatever alcohol you’d like. Smoking must be done outside in the driveway or the backyard (this includes e-cigarettes).


So it’s an actual league? What if I suck at pinball?

Most of us suck at pinball! Many of our players join the league having only played a handful of pinball games in their life, and a few had never played at all other than virtual machines. This is just a fun league, we’re not part of the worldwide rankings or anything.


What if I can’t attend every month?

No problem, lots of our members have busy schedules too. Just attend when you can.


Can league members bring friends to events?

As long as your friends fit our Admission Guidelines, they’re absolutely welcome to come to TPV!


I’m a guy and I really want to attend!

You’re welcome to attend Fun Nights at Frolic’s(FNF) . You can also check out the Toronto Pinball League, they’re open to everyone and there are a lot of great people involved.  http://topl.ca/


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