Feb 22 2015


For those who are exclusively in wheelchairs: at this time Frolic’s Arcade isn’t accessible. There are six short stairs to reach the Arcade. I’m researching the possibility of a temporary ramp for TPV events, but the bathroom in Frolic’s Arcade would still be inaccessible due to a narrow doorway and small size.

For those who are primarily in wheelchairs but can walk short distances: Frolic’s Arcade is accessible to non-motorized wheelchairs. There are six short stairs down into the Arcade and then there’s room for non-motorized wheelchairs inside. The bathroom isn’t accessible due to a narrow doorway, but it’s on the same level as the Arcade and there’s space to leave the wheelchair right by the bathroom door. Using the bathroom would mean being out of your chair for a few minutes.

For those with fatigue issues: we have a lot of bar stools available for seating. Those can also be placed in front of the pinball machines to allow for seated play.

For those with epilepsy: all of our machines are new machines (made in 2003 or later) and lit with LED lighting. The light-shows in new machines tend to be bright and extensive, and are capable of causing photosensitive epileptic seizures.

For those with Celiac disease or severe allergies: While I offer some gluten-free snacks (veggie tray, dips, gluten-free crackers, popcorn, chips) I can’t guarantee that the snacks provided are absolutely free of trace contamination. This is especially true for baked goods, because while I try to offer gluten-free options, I buy most of my ingredients in bulk so trace contamination is always possible. The safest thing to do is bring your own snacks.

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