May 16 2015

Fun Nights at Frolic’s

Fun Nights at Frolic’s (FNF) is a monthly event where we open Frolic’s Arcade to the general public (including men).


When: FNF events are held on the first Thursday of every month from 7 PM to 10 PM.


Cost: $20. This covers free play for three hours on all the pinball machines (no tokens/quarters/loonies required), snacks, and sodas or water. 50% of all door fees will be donated to charity (the charity will be posted in the event info, as it will change from month to month) and the remaining 50% goes to cover our costs and upkeep of the pinball machines.

Admission requirements: Unlike the Toronto Pinball Vixens (which is limited to those with non-masculine gender identities), FNF is open to anyone. Please note that FNF is not a league; a tally of scores is not kept from month to month. This is simply for people to come out, play pinball, and have fun.

Safer spaces policy: In the interest of keeping FNF events safe and welcoming for all members, the TPV Safer Space policy is in effect at FNF events. Behavior that makes other members uncomfortable is also unacceptable (and although this rule is for everyone, it’s especially true for the dudes: don’t be a creeper).

Other info: For information about accessibility, alcohol/smoking policies, etc., refer to the FAQ or appropriate pages on this website.

Other questions: If you have any questions about FNF, feel free to contact me. We can be found on Facebook at Fun Nights at Frolic’s, or you can watch the TPV Twitter for notices about upcoming FNF events.

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